Fed up with your old bathroom? Looking for some great bathroom ideas, bathroom designs & inspiration?

Bathroom Designer

If you observe a few basic rules, especially in the case of renovation, it is possible to get the very best out of your bathroom space, no matter how daunting the initial project may seem.

First and foremost, it is important to consider your own personal style, but above all, it is always recommended to bear in mind the dimensions of the room, along with the style of the rest of the house to ensure that the new bathroom of choice fits into the overall picture.

After settling on your chosen style, it is always advisable to start making decisions regarding the wall and floor coverings.  At this initial stage, you should also consider showers, baths and basins.  For instance, do you want to incorporate a bath as well as a shower?  Do you want a freestanding bath? Does a wall mounted toilet and wash hand basin catch your fancy?

Sometimes, its hard to know where to start regarding your bathroom renovation, but nowhere days there are so many ‘home improvement’ sites available on line to give you inspiration, its literally as simple as a click, and you are away, spending many a contented hour scanning through designs created up by specialists.  It will certainly save you money by not having to pay an independent designer for a be-spoke plan, and it will definitely assist your builder of choice if you have a rough idea of where you want to go with your project.  The hard work has been done for your really, so happy clicking…


How do I remodel a bathroom?

bathroom designEngaging a reputable builder like Access Builders & Loft Conversions Ltd, will make renovating your bathroom fairly straight forward, but the big obstacle is probably going to be the budget.  That’s why you should always plan in advance how much you’re willing to spend and how much you can feasibly change. Does only a small patch of tiles need to be changed, or is the entire bathroom out-dated and drab? It can be expensive and require specialist contractors to replace features like the shower, sink, bathtub and toilet. Maybe you want to push the boat out and have a wall-hung washbasin and toilet and make a feature of the bath, or perhaps you are just replacing the old suite with something a little bit more modern, but don’t forget—even seemingly small changes can make a big impact. Why not get rid of your old shower curtain or build a new cabinet for the sink?   Another important issue to remember is lighting.  Mood lighting in the bathroom can significantly improve the ambience. Think about indirect or dimmable lights to turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm and respite.


Which is the best bathroom colour to use?  Do some colours work better than others?

Before shooting out and buying those cerise pink towels and accessories you’ve always fancied, give some thought to the bigger picture and consider what colour scheme you are going to apply to the larger elements of your bathroom.  Always remember, whichever colour you choose will affect the overall mood and feeling of space within the bathroom area.   The colour white is the ‘go-to’ colour for a lot of people, as it is very neutral and can be combined with other colours to create different effects.   If you want to create a dramatic effect, opt for a black and white colour scheme, whereas, if a more nautical feel is required, combine the white effect with blue, to add an adventurous marine feel.  The possibilities are endless.  Obviously, whatever colour scheme you choose, will be down to personal choice, but one thing is a must; always take note of the amount, or lack of natural light that penetrates the bathroom, as light has different impacts on different colours.   A general rule of thumb is the darker the colour the smaller illusion of space.  So if you have a small bathroom, use primrose yellow or duck egg blue and you wont go far wrong.


Not decided what to do with the bathroom walls and floors – here are some ideas:

bathroom ideasFloor to ceiling tiles in a bathroom have gained popularity in recent years because they are easy to clean and maintain, unlike paint, which needs to be refreshed as the years roll on. However, in terms of flooring, tiles aren’t the only option these days. Wood and polished concrete are charming and easy to maintain, and give off a totally different vibe. A polished concrete effect is perfect for those who want a bathroom that is at the height of minimalist design, whereas wood or laminate flooring is better suited to a more classic, rustic theme. Both of these flooring types are very versatile and hard wearing and can be carried through into the other rooms of the house, too. Another type of bathroom wall covering that seems to have made a comeback is wallpaper.  There are now many wallpaper designs and coverings available that can now withstand the humid and wet conditions of a bathroom or wet room.  Get inspired with textures and colours to use by browsing through magazines and be adventurous with your ideas, but remember, don’t be tempted to throw out any period features in your quest for a sleek modern bathroom.  Instead, where possible, always, try to work with these fantastic old elements to create something altogether more unique and classic.